Full support of IT systems

Full support of IT systems


What it is

In any textbook on strategic management, you can read that you can only outsource auxiliary functions of your business. If the IT function in your company is not the main one, we will be happy to take it over and reduce the number of things you should worry about.

Full support of IT systems means that all problems related to your IT infrastructure and IT services will be solved by us. Thanks to constant remote monitoring, we can act proactively and work ahead of the curve. We will be able to see signs of a potential issue and locate the trouble before it occurs.

For example, if we find that one of the hard drives on your server shows signs of failure, we will promptly order a new disk, preventing the risk of losing important data. All this happens “invisibly” for you as a client, since you do not spend time solving issues related to the IT infrastructure.

What can be included in the full support of the IT system:

  • maintenance, monitoring, and backup of servers, both internal and cloud-based;
  • maintenance and monitoring of local networks, interoffice networks and Internet connections;
  • maintenance and backup of user computers;
  • support and backup of professional email, both local and cloud;
  • support and backup of cloud solutions, such as ‘Office 365’;
  • access control to IT systems and services (locally and in cloud services);
  • web page hosting;
  • IP telephony;
  • digital video surveillance and access control systems.

For who

For owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for companies with a network of branches. If your company has 10 or more workstations, it will be more profitable for you to outsource IT infrastructure maintenance than to hire several full-time IT specialists.

Why choose NetPro

  • more than 20 years of experience in IT support; there were no problems that we could not handle;
  • confidentiality and security of your data;
  • reasonable pricing;
  • response time is from 2 to 4 hours.

How does it all work

Upon request, we visit your office to assess the current state of your IT infrastructure. When conducting an audit, we look at what works and how, where and how data is stored, whether the equipment is installed correctly, etc.

After conducting the audit, you will receive a detailed price offer for full support of your IT system within 2 days.

Once we start working together, we will set up access control for files, databases, and applications. We will establish data storage and backups, and will constantly monitor the operation of the system.

Thanks to monitoring, we can report possible issues before they occur, thus preventing failures and related financial losses.