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Main module

NetPro VS main video surveillance module. Supports up to 6 cameras. Main module kit includes a recorder, a UPS unit, a battery, voltage regulators, a network switch and a router with WiFi.

LTE module

Operating the system at locations with no permanent Internet connection requires an LTE module. This module supports the networks and SIM cards of the most EU mobile operators. Due to this, the customer may select the best Internet deal, not linked to any particular mobile operator.

Battery module

A battery module is used to install the system in no power supply or irregular power supply conditions.

Varifocal IP camera

External (IP66) varifocal IP camera with motorized zoom lens. The camera enables remote management of focal distance, allowing a more accurate setting of the field of view and detalization of objects being photographed. The viewing angle may be horizontally adjusted between 13° and 78°. The camera is fitted with an IR projector and can see in the dark into a distance of up to 30 meters.

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