Data storage and backups

Protect your data with our local, distributed and remote data storage systems. We ensure safe and reliable data storage, distribution and backup. You will never lose important data if we manage your data storage and backup services.

Support of IT systems

We are happy to take over and reduce the number of things you should be worried about if your company's main focus isn't IT. We develop and support integrated solutions for businesses - both local, cloud or hybrid, as well as take care of your professional email, access control, data storage, web page hosting and IP telephony.

Clouds and Remote work

We help your employees to enable their work where they feel most creative and productive, taking care of your IT infrastructure reliability and security. We provide set up and support your remote needs with popular solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, Synology and others.

Computer Networks

Enjoy reliable and speedy wired/wireless network in your office. We design and build VPNs for enterprise with headquarters and branches to ensure fast data transfer and seamless workflow. If you are a fast-growing company, consider upgrading your computer networks to never complain about downtimes.

MikroTik Support

If you work with MikroTik devices, we can take care of their configuration, installation, support and monitoring. We are proud of being MikroTik certified engineers and consultants, as well as spreading our knowledge and support for MikroTik infrastructure.


Make sure your production facilities or warehouses are under control and secured. Choose our high-quality IP video surveillance system to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. With NetPro VS you can connect your monitoring systems with those on private security companies.

Be on the safe side!

About Netpro

We are a team of IT enthusiasts who work together to provide business IT solutions. Many years of experience in designing, creating and supporting various IT systems made us confident in our abilities to deliver remarkable outsourcing services. We are happy to work with customers and suppliers from all over the world, staying in the Latvian capital Riga – country with one of the fastest internet speeds in the world. Our clients business to some extent depends on the quality of our service, so we strive to work passionately providing the highest quality service and contribute to our clients prosperity.

Our Offices

Address: Ozolciema 32 k-1-101, Riga, LV-1058, Latvia

Address: Andreja 7/9, Ventspils, LV-3601, Latvia

Phone: +371 27866444

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